[txt] at home?

[txt] *have an address*

[txt] on your own??

[txt] on my way


Being a 20+ yr old on tumblr


[txt] tired will bring when able or you can come for them at my home

[txt] i fucking bet where are you where’s your home where the fuck ddid you even fucking give birthdevang what the hell

oh m m yG OD

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[img] *looket the baby face*

[txt] HOLY SH IT


[Miserable huff. We’re not going to get all happy about anything because happy leads to attach leads to fuck I’ve fucked up. She’ll stick with generally cranky because it keeps the fear down too.

Fucking homo. Don’t be cute.]

Soon? Anytime between now and mid-September. Depending on what’s in there?

[Hell, at the least she’s going ot be Auntie Devang, anyway, so if she didn’t get SOME sort of attached, that would just be a shame. Shhh. Kiss for the belly. Kiss for the baby. Kiss for Devang, right on her cranky face.]

Okay, so. Baby shower. How does two weeks from now, sound? Don’t have the baby before then.

Also what the fuck do you mean depending on what’s in there? Don’t say things like that, you make it sound like there’s some fucking… Alien chest bursting creature, or whatever. Like from the movies. Eugh.


[Biggest fucking Devang pokerface.]

Tell ‘em to stop kickin’ in there.

[Biggest fucking Carlos pokerface right back, then, as he just. Brought his face right close to her stomach and gave it a bit of a tap.]

Hey. Hey there. Calm down, please. Stop that. Just a little. Thank you, you cute little thing. 

[Right. Yes. Good. He stood back up straight with a proud smile.]

So, when exactly are we due again? [OH MAN, he’s exCITED. Also a baby shower has to be planned.]



what can this homo do for you today

it’s just a noise

because reasons


and shit

And I’m here to alleviate whatever discomfort I can. Come on, seriously, is it anything that I can help with?


fucking cuddle with me you bitch

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              w h a t

       are                        with

                these                          fancy

{ t e x t }               posts

                                   I       don’t


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